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Hackers: Trojan horse couple arrested

Date: August 29, 2005

Court in London goes over formalities and Britain prepares to hand over Michael and Ruth Haephrati to Israel for trial over affair that stormed Israel
Modi Kraitman

A British court has authorized the extradition of Michael and Ruth Haephrati, suspected of being behind the Trojan horse scandal, to Israel.

The Haephrati couple was arrested in London in May. They are suspected developing and selling the unique Trojan horse which penetrates computers, ‘sucks’ up data stored in drives, and transmits the information to the remote user who installed the program.

The couple are suspected of selling the program to private investigators, and providing them with the technical expertise to transfer information from computers belonging to a range of corporations.

The investigators, for their part, took the stolen information and passed them on to companies interested in gaining a business advantage of their market competitors.

The court in London met as part of a formal procedure, and it was already clear by last week that Britain would extradite the couple to Israel.

The judge’s sole function was to ensure that the defendants standing before were indeed the individuals which Israel had asked to be handed over to it.

Information provided by the Attorney General in Israel suggests that most eye witnesses in the case surround Ruth Haephrati, who sold witnesses the program. However, Michael has been said to be heavily involved in the conspiracy as well.

The British crown prosecutor, John Hardy, said that 45 companies and businesspeople were harmed by the couple’s activities.
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