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A Russian Hacker Stole $15 Thousand

Date: June 29, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Timofey Saytarly

A hacker of Leninogorsk, Russia managed to illegally withdraw 15,000 of American dollars from accounts of foreigners and co-citizens.

All victims visited a webpage, submitted by a 16-year-old L. on the Internet. The page offered visitors web-design, website creation and support services. Having completed orders, a young man using a specialized computer software read all data from credit cards used to pay him. After that he had access to these accounts and paid for his orders in other virtual shops including foreign e-shops. He acted on a large scale, having visited 82 of such stores. He ordered lots of CDs, various computer publications, licensed computer software to be shipped from Australia. A hacker ordered a whole truck of roses for his girlfriend from Holland.

Visitors of an unfortunate virtual shop with URL were at a loss where their money vanished. Some people turned to police. It took about three months for law enforcement to get on the track of a scammer for the young man acted extremely carefully having changed initial data and addresses of delivery. Officers of Department "K" (fighting high tech crimes) of the Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation detained a hacker in week after this scam grew to be international.

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