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Interview with a carder

Date: April 29, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center

H: What is carding and what is happening now on the stage? Who are these people?

S: "A carder is a man who produces illegal operations with credit cards owned by other persons with the purpose to use the withdrawn money. There are two kinds of carders: internet-carders who work only with information and real carders dealing with plastic clones of credit cards" according to Dahl's Dictionary, 1893. I think that humanity quickly removes this problem. Protection systems are being improved. In 2001, VISA conducted a number of checks of payment systems on the Internet and their draw a summary: only 10% of systems have imperfect security systems. New online stores carry out accounts using new methods of credit cards authentication. So, only 1% of all fraudulent transactions are committed using authorization. However, we should mark out that term "carding" will exists till credit cards exist. The most skilled and popular carders in the world: Security, Exchanger, JohnnyZ, Mertvy Dyatel (Dead Woodpecker), Tolstiy, Yurik Rus, CVV@, Defender, Dracula, Pav01, Cre@tor, Neverhood, Cyberfon, Peps, G0n0rar...

H: What is a man wanting to be engaged in carding governed by?

S: He is governed by heart and reason. Science proved that a so called "happiness hormone" is exuded when a man is going to run risks. This hormone multiplied by amount of possibly obtained money has the greatest impact on this man.

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