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Date: November 28, 2006

Exploit Prevention Labs (, a leading developer of safe surfing software for protection against web-based exploits, today announced an expanded LinkScanner product line and new technology enhancements to combat malicious web sites, phishing, social engineering and other web-based exploits.

This development comes at a time when cybercriminals motivated by profit are stepping up their attacks against users of web-based applications such as search engines, blogs, online bank and brokerage accounts, and social networking sites. Cybercrime robs businesses and consumers of billions of dollars each year. A year ago, Valerie McNiven, an advisor to the US government, told Reuters that global cybercrime had become bigger than drug trafficking. "Last year was the first year that proceeds from cybercrime were greater than proceeds from the sale of illegal drugs, and that was, I believe, over $105 billion."
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