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'Nine out of ten' emails are spam

Date: October 28, 2008

More than nine per cent of all emails which arrived in companies' inboxes in the third quarter of 2008 were legitimate, according to research.

The claim comes from Panda Security, which also discovered in its analysis of 123 million emails that 1.43 per cent of all messages included malware.

Netsky.P, SpamtaLoad.CZ and SpamtaLoad.DO were among the most frequently-occurring malware strains.

The amount of infected emails increased dramatically in September, to 2.34 per cent, after being relatively low since April (just under one per cent).

Panda chief corporate evangelist Ryan Sherstobitoff said: 'This could be related to the financial crisis, as cyber-crooks step up attacks to enhance their chances of success and avoid the effects of the economic recession.'

In terms of spam, the worst month in the quarter was August, which saw 93.01 per cent of emails recorded as spam, compared with 90.43 and 91.89 per cent for July and September respectively.
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