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Date: October 28, 2006

Soon, you may wish that's all you had to worry about online. These days, hackers are going ever more covert in their effort to get their hands on a new goal: Money.
"It's gone from ego to economics," said Marc Solomon, director of product management at McAfee Inc., the Santa Clara, Calif.-based security software provider.
That desire for money rather than notoriety makes it harder to see the danger. Now, instead of a blanket attack trying to rope in as many victims as possible, fraudsters increasingly target small groups.

"Businesses and consumers have created a huge economic engine on the Internet. It's attracted criminals," said Todd Bransford, vice president of marketing at Cyveillance, an Arlington, Va.-based company that sells online risk management services to companies.
"Now the issues on the Internet are all related to revenue, to separating consumers from their hard-earned dollar," he said.
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