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School porn charges

Date: September 28, 2006

Charges have not been filed against William Hickey, the 44-year-old Mingus Union High School teacher who is alleged to have downloaded pornography onto a school computer he used.

Hickey was allowed to resign from the position and work from home until the resignation takes effect Dec. 22.

"The computer will now be sent to the DPS crime lab for an official forensic investigation. I was only able to do a preliminary investigation for the case. DPS will do a thorough formal investigation" Sgt. Tim Pierce of Cottonwood Police explained.

The computer was turned over to Cottonwood Police for investigation of whether the computer contains images of child pornography, which is a crime.

Friday, Sgt. Pierce said "We did locate pornography on the computer." He said that "no known child victims" were found.

"We are exploring the crime labs to determine which is less booked."

The laboratories routinely are backed up with cases and forensic tests can take weeks or even months.

The County Attorney will decide if charges should be filed.
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