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Discussion : FBI warns of E-card scam

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2010-11-17 08:22:19 -
I just recieved a ecard message that looks suspicious, so because of this site I will delte it asap. Thanks

2008-07-17 01:14:22 -
Ok, So what happens if we were fooled by the ecard scam, because it used one of our friends addresses? Because of the time of year, I had sent many ecards for a graduation party, and was receiving replies. I didn't see anything wrong (this happened a week or two ago.I unfortunately did not have any warning or this article)so I opened what I thought were replies. I opened one and got nothing except an olympic torch. I thought it was from my relative/friend because they are very patriotic...So what do I do now? Does anyone know? None of the sites (microsoft included) have given me any idea as to what this virus did or is going to do, except that it possibly copied my C-drive information...What does that mean, and what can I do about it...who can I call/contact to let them know that my personal information may have been comprimised?

2007-08-10 15:53:32 -
Thank goodness for this website and google!!!I have been getting several of this e card emails a day and wondered why there was never a name or email address of someone I knew. Also the link is never "clickable" and the so called website only uses an i p address not the e card co website.

thanks for the info

2007-08-10 12:01:16 -
I have been getting 2-5 greeting cards a day in my bulk folder and had always deleted them as I did not know who they were from. Always wondering why I was getting SO many and then I received this information today.

Thanks so much for the input. Much appreciated!

Total 4 comments
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