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CBI calls for Internet security

Date: February 28, 2007
By: Tom Young

Employers’ body the CBI is calling for a national strategy to clarify where responsibility for internet security lies.

There are few clear regulations governing online retailers’ liability in protecting their
customers from attacks such as phishing and identity theft.How far businesses could or should take responsibility forcustomers’ security problems is still an open question.

But apportioning blame for security issues needs to be done carefully, and an overarching strategy would be more effective than prescriptive regulations, CBI head of e-business Jeremy Beale told the House of Lords Science and Technology Sub-Committee last week.

‘We need a national information security strategy, where educational and training programmes are linked to enforcement capabilities,’ said Beale. ‘There is mutual responsibility, and a clearer framework needs to be formed for where responsibility lies for different actions along the chain.'
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