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Discussion : Customer vs. Bank of America: Is the little guy to blame?

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2005-09-05 15:56:05 -
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2005-03-06 21:01:50 -
hello, please send me in the right direction to pursue the matter of boa and fb legal service in florida. i have been taken for $80 and boa has closed dispute and rewarded fb legal the money. when boa returned the money to fb legal they over drafted my account, the account is now $350 in the red. this started last sept 2004,when i talked to fb legal, now just last week i was sent the evidence so they say? these papers look made up. this whole deal stinks. i was returned my fifty for the first month service, which indicates they are wrong, why keep my enrollment fee for no services rendered. there is more, but for now, thanks steven j ciulla.

Total 2 comments
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