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Universities to stop malware

Date: January 28, 2006

Harvard University's Berkman Center and the Oxford Internet Institute have launched a "Neighborhood Watch" initiative against spyware and other malicious software programs.

The Berkman Center and the Oxford Internet Institute hope this initiative will serve as a deterrent by publishing names and reports of companies spreading badware, as also an educational tool for software developers by providing principles they can follow to provide a positive user experience. A new website,, has been launched, where Internet users will be able to check to see if programs they want to download are badware, and alert others to the malicious programs they have encountered. will spotlight the companies that make millions of dollars by tricking Internet users to download malicious spyware, adware and malware programs they don't want. The multi-year initiative will empower consumers to fight back against badware. It is being supported by companies, including Google, Lenovo and Sun Microsystems. Consumer Reports WebWatch, a grant-funded project of Consumers Union, has agreed to a pro-bono role as special consumer adviser.
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