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Experts fail government on cybersecurity

Date: December 27, 2007
By: Ryan Blitstein

Efforts criticized for deficient funds, lack of understanding of threat's size

SAN JOSE, CALIF.: Since the outbreak of a cybercrime epidemic that has cost the American economy billions of dollars, the federal government has failed to respond with enough resources, attention and determination to combat the cyberthreat, a San Jose Mercury News investigation reveals.

''The U.S. government has not devoted the leadership and energy that this issue needs,'' said Paul Kurtz, a former administration homeland and cybersecurity adviser. ''It's been neglected.''

Even as the White House asked in November for $154 million toward a new cybersecurity initiative expected to reach billions of dollars over the next several years, security experts complain the administration remains too focused on the risks of online espionage and information warfare, overlooking international criminals who are stealing a fortune through the Internet.

''They're still not taking cybercrime seriously enough,'' said former administration cybersecurity adviser Marcus Sachs, now at Verizon Communications, reflecting the views of several former White House officials.
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