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Discussion : Phishers threaten e-commerce

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2005-09-17 03:43:12 -
Your site is realy very interesting!

2005-09-02 18:05:23 -
nice to be seen

2005-07-16 07:50:55 -
If 11 million people are clicking on links, then it seems plausible that ISP internet service providers are also guilty of not clearly educating people on 'how to stay secure' on the internet. Also, if places such as ebay, paypal, etc. always made their phone numbers more available and better serviced themselves and their customers, then people could pick up the phone and call and ask..."Did Paypal send me this email?"

2005-03-09 23:19:53 -
Have you had any takers?

2005-02-21 22:42:28 -
To the Computer Crime Research Center, CCRC.

Stockholm Sweden 21st Feb 2005

Dears Sir(s)
and Dear Reader,

I am both pleased and thankful to receive this opportunity to participate in a discussion on your web site as I have read about you in many articles.

I am a subscriber on several web based newsletters ( topic: Internet Security ) and I still cannot see any change in the way to take concrete actions against the online criminal guys. Initiatives are many, regretfully, they do not really make a big difference to each other, at least not in the core of the problem.

On the contrary I see hundreds of so called "security solutions" more or less effective. Some are even misleading consumers into a false security

The Internet is NOT a secure place as long as security and convenience are like oil and water.
The more convenience the less security and vice versa.

A paradigm shift is strongly sought after.
We have to start thinking! The organized crime already does.

The Strategic Mistake in Internet Security Thinking.

This is the Headline of my filed Abstract & Application to speak at the FBI/SCI Conference in Az. USA June 2005 ( Approval pending Feb 21).

Today we rely 100% on the encryption security myth and do not raise one hand to argue about that. This though all of us know that each encryption has been cracked during history time.
I support encryption, naturally, but why don't we stop the guys to even try to decrypt

our transmitted messages,
our banks' SWIFTS,
our bank-on-phone,
our credit cards remote checkouts at cashiers desks,
our sensitive data transfer on 3G:s and
our online purchases?

The encryption is our Final Locker to our most sensitive information and nobody else should come close at all.

Instead of inviting the criminal guys to free trials to open our final locker to our personal home/identity, instead we ought to mislead the sniffing guys around the whole ?city? so they cannot find the way to our homes, ever. If they can't find their way to our home locker they are finished. Gone and Fare Well and that would heavily impact the whole Online scene.

I have invented and fully developed that method.

It can be used to mislead the online criminals so they will never find your home and your door locker to try. They will be wawing around the cyber world with absolutely no clue of where and how to proceed or What is What. We might call it a kind of " full confusion security layer on top of it all" and it possesses multi purpose features to states, banks, organizations, research labs, military and cell phones as WAP, GPRS, EDGE, 3G, 4G.

I have sent emails to both FBI, FTC and to official American individuals of standing. Even to the Hon Vermont Senator who started and spoke well for the Anti Phishing Act.

So far no interest but automated replies.

I am eagerly looking for an American Partner or Cooperating Org. to have an unconditional discussion hopefully leading to a point where this invention is put into practice creating a far better Online Security standard on top of encryption that might already be under decryption tonight.

I do not under estimate the urge and capacity of the people in the Afghan IT-caves and decryption is a matter of time e.g. computer power. As there exists a powerful anti crime method why shouldn't we use it against them and save our future.

I talk about implementing a good sec. standard protecting credit cards from criminal attempts with an online alarm to Law Enforcements to catch him on site in real time and stop for each discrete E-merchants and webmasters collecting identities and to stop phishing.

It's not at all too late to stop them when they have already got their hands on our identity, however, better is to completely mislead them into a huge and cunfusing mess of information that does not give them the total message.

We cannot manage any of these areas without changing our minds into a new security direction.

My invention is one of the strongest this decade if I may say so and I wish to discuss it with people of influence not to get into too early technical discussions, rather Strategical.

As mentioned I have invented this. It's patented in Sweden and I am to start to proceed patents internationally.

Even better is with The USA as the base of the forthcoming patents. I will move with it and my entrepreneurial record tells us that I am able to manage it as well.

Most of all I wish to participate in this war.

I look forward to your response.

Best regards

Bill Edward Linden


The ultimate inventions were never found by large companies but by individuals at home creating large companies out of them.

2005-01-06 16:20:05 - gangbanger
I think that this is wrong for people to

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