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John Doe hackers

Date: October 27, 2007

Facebook is after Canadian ‘John Doe’ hackers it says “may have stolen personal information” from members.

And it wants ISPs Rogers Communications Inc. and Look Communications to hand over details.

“Court documents allege the hackers may have swiped personal information about Facebook members, including user names, passwords and e-mail addresses,” says the Financial Post, going on:

“It is not clear how many Facebook customers were affected or where the hackers live.”

Rogers and Look both turned down Facebook’s demand saying they’d only make the data available if a court ordered them to do so.

Now, that’s what Facebook wants.

“All other methods of obtaining the evidence and documents have been exhausted,” Facebook said in its application, quoted in the story.

“The evidence and documentation of [Rogers and Look] is required so that justice may be done between the parties in the [U.S.] action.”
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