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Law Improvement: The legal base in fighting cyber crime

Date: October 27, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Victor Sabadash

Problem of cyber crime induced many states to reconsider their own legislation. Nowadays more than 100 countries (including 60% Interpol members) have no laws regulating fighting cyber crimes.

There are three groups of criminalization cyber crimes.

The first group: illegal access to computer systems, distribution of computer viruses, illegal use of computer systems and information (Norway, Singapore, Slovakia, Philippines, South Korea, Russia, and other).
The second group of computer crimes: actions related to causing damage to the property and electronic information process (Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, France, and Japan).
The third group: actions related not only to property damage but to violation of individual rights, threat to national security, etc. (USA, Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands).

A lot of computer crimes stay out of the punishment in many countries, among them: blocking work of computer systems, spam, illegal use and distribution of computer information, web-sites shut-down, etc.

However, for example, Germany toughens fighting child pornography in the Internet, malicious programs and virus writing, and other.

U.S. Congress passed a bill which will oblige spy ware developers to warn user about functions of the software.

Supreme Rada of Ukraine is going to put a punishment for interception and copying computer information. The acting legislation of Ukraine provides criminal responsibility for distortion or destruction of computer information and information.

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