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Hacker takes website

Date: September 27, 2006

First ghosts haunted the Liberal leadership race, now it's gremlins.

An Internet hacker took over leadership hopeful Ken Dryden's website Tuesday.

The erstwhile hockey great's smiling visage and campaign pitch disappeared, replaced by a triumphal message: "Hacked by TamTurk. We are Turk."

That was followed by gibberish.

Lise Jolicoeur, spokeswoman for Dryden's campaign, said the hacker took over the site during the wee hours of the morning Tuesday.

It took campaign technical experts until midday to get rid of the unwanted message. They were still trying to get the site back to normal late in the afternoon.

Jolicoeur said no one has any idea who TamTurk is, but she's inclined to think it's just a prank - not deliberate sabotage by a rival leadership campaign.

"I'm blaming the ghosts," she quipped.
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