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Man guilty, child porn case

Date: September 27, 2005
Source: JS Online

Waukesha - A Sussex man who was snared last year by investigators combing records of companies in Belarus suspected of laundering profits from child pornography pleaded guilty Monday to five felony counts.

Jerald Smith, 54, pleaded guilty to five counts of possession of child pornography and faces a prison term of up to 17 ½ years when he is sentenced Dec. 5 by Waukesha County Circuit Judge Lee Dreyfus Jr. Smith is free on $5,000 bail pending sentencing.

Smith was charged in a criminal complaint that says he admitted downloading child pornography onto a home computer but added that he viewed the material "strictly for visual interest." Smith told investigators he visited child pornography sites on the Internet "more for curiosity than anything, morbid curiosity," according to the complaint.

Smith told investigators during the raid "that someone explained to him that the images purporting to be child pornography actually go through a reverse aging process where older persons are made to appear childlike," the complaint says.
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