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FBI focus on cybercrime

Date: September 27, 2005
Source: Red Herring

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation plans to meet with small- and medium-sized defense contractors in Silicon Valley to increase awareness about security risks to their IT infrastructure and encourage cooperation with law enforcement in the event of an IT break-in, the Bureau’s San Francisco-based agents said Monday.

The move represents the FBI’s efforts to reverse the decline in the number of computer intrusions that are reported to law enforcement, despite the increase in the number of cyber crime attacks. When it begins sometime in November, the outreach program will be the first time the FBI has set out to work on crime-fighting with a specific sector in the Valley.

The percentage of cyber crime victims who report their computer intrusions has reached the lowest level in the last seven years, a recent survey released by Computer Security Institute and the FBI shows. The survey’s results are based on the responses of 700 computer security practitioners across various corporations, financial institutions, and universities.
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