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Spam costs $2.5 million in damages

Date: June 27, 2007

In a case of justice gone horribly wrong,'s Mark W. Mumma, ISP, spam victim and anti-spam activist, has been dealt the ultimate "low blow" by a Federal Court. The small, Oklahoma City based ISP has been ordered by a U.S. Federal Jury to pay $2.5 Million in damages to the very company that admitted sending him unsolicited e-mail in the first place.

Oklahoma City, OK (PRWEB) June 27, 2007 -- In a mind numbing decision two months ago today in case no. 05-CV-122 in the U.S. District Court's Eastern District of Virginia, Judge Leonie M. Brinkema ruled that Mark W. Mumma's statement that Plaintiffs,, Omega World Travel and Gloria Bohan "are spammers" is "untrue" in spite of the fact that witnesses confirmed, under oath, that they never ask a recipient's permission prior to sending them e-mail offers. The reason given by CEO Anthony Hamawy regarding why they don't verify an e-mail recipient's desire to receive their offers was, 'No, we have not, primarily because our competitors don't.'
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