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Hackers hired for espionage

Date: May 27, 2006

The lawsuit has been filed by Valence Media, the parent company of Torrentspy. They are claiming, an unidentified person was approached by an MPAA executive and was asked to retrieve private information on, a search engine that directs people to download links. In the process, they say laws were broken. The MPAA is denying the allegations.

Torrentspy's complaint includes claims that the man whom the MPAA allegedly paid $15,000 to steal e-mail correspondence and trade secrets has admitted his role in the plot and is cooperating with the company.

"It is a Hollywood drama, what happened here," Ira Rothken, Torrentspy's attorney, said in a telephone interview Wednesday evening.

The allegations come three months after the MPAA filed suit against Torrentspy and other directories for allegedly making it easier for pirates to distribute movies over the Internet.

"These claims (by Torrentspy) are false," Kori Bernards, the MPAA's vice president of corporate communications, said in an e-mail to CNET "Torrentspy is trying to obscure the facts to hide the fact that they are facilitating thievery. We are confident that our lawsuit against them will be successful because the law is on our side."

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