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Date: May 27, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Natalya Akhtyrskaya

One of the most important conditions to improve activity of operational structures is to strengthen informational relations between police divisions. In this view it is necessary to elaborate Statute on fundamentals of cooperation between services and police departments.

Last years, law enforcement agencies are more and more widely involved in joint work to fight international criminality. Therefore we may classify information also into national and international.

With the purpose to efficiently collect information using procedural methods on facts related to violating of computer system operation it is expedient:
- to unify meanings of procedural proving;
- to define admissibility of evidence obtained by operational methods;
- to define relevance of information;
- to determine a circle of persons who participate in gathering information, i.e. presence of the defense lawyer during examination of crime scene or during search, particularly in crime cases related to examination or seizure of computer facilities (it is not envisaged by Ukrainian law);
- to secure possibility of gathering evidence by the defense lawyer (laws provides only for representing of proofs, though deprives right to collect them).

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