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Kansas attorney general to seek $430,000 to fight cyber crime

Date: February 27, 2008

TOPEKA | Attorney General Steve Six wants Kansas to bolster efforts to prevent and prosecute cyber crime, and he’s asking lawmakers for money to do it.

In his first news conference since taking office last month, Six said he would request $430,000 in the next budget year for a new prosecutor, crime analyst and investigator to work cases of identity theft, Internet fraud and computer-based crimes.

The money also would expand efforts to educate schoolchildren and the public about the dangers of computer-based crime and ways to avoid becoming a victim.

“With every new technology, conveniences are added that allow us to do business, shopping or communicate with family online,” Six said. “However, with these conveniences have come new threats. Our computers and the Internet have become a gateway to allow criminals to enter our homes and exploit private information.”

Six’s request comes at a difficult time for state coffers. Most available money is tied up in past commitments, and there’s little cash for new programs. But lawmakers promise to consider his request.

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