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Date: February 27, 2005
Source: Local News8

An Idaho State University student is accused of altering another student’s personal records.

After the victim watched our story on Thursday, he decided to share his story with us in order to keep this type of crime from happening again.

Cale Myers said it all started when he handed a parking ticket to the suspect.

While handing out parking tickets, Myers is called some awful things.

Cale Myers, computer crime victim, says, “I’ve heard it before and I’ve worked three years as a ticket writer, so I’m kind of used to it.”

But what he’s not used to is what he says happened to him earlier this month after he handed Strupp a parking ticket.

Myers says, “And he asked for my name, my full name. He took out a piece of paper, he spelled it out and I asked him if I could help him anymore. He said no, that he’d take care of this.”

One day later, Myers received an e-mail that said, “Check next time you want to give a ticket. Have fun with your classes.”

Myers says, “As I got the e-mail I was thinking, ‘Enjoy your classes. What does that mean?’”

After rushing to his ISU account to check on his classes, one of his worst fears became reality.

Myers says, “All my classes had been dropped except two. And now I had outstanding fees because as a result it dropped my financial aid, it dropped several scholarships.”

It’s believed Strupp pulled this off, because as an ISU employee he has special access to other students’ accounts.

Myers says, “It’s just a very scary thing. You don’t want somebody to have that type of access to all your personal things.”

Myers says, “I brought it in and reported it to public safety and they were investigating it.”

Now, Myers has all his classes and financial aid back, but only after working 15 hours to get this done.

Myers says, “What if it happens to someone else and what’s to prevent it from happening again?”

Strupp will stand before a Bannock County judge on March 4, where he’ll face a computer felony charge.

If he is found guilty, Strupp could face up to five years behind bars.

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