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School teacher defrauded by e-mails

Date: November 26, 2007

Modern School teacher Firoz Bakht Ahmed has received calls from all over the world in the past two days from friends, acquaintances and relatives. And he is worried.

The reason: Ahmed’s e-mail account was hacked on Wednesday and e-mails were sent out to all addresses on his mailing list. The message is in the form of a plea from Ahmed for money so that he could get out of a hotel in Nigeria, where, according to the email, he is stuck after losing all his money, valuables and passport.

According to the e-mail, Ahmed had gone to Lagos in Nigeria to attend a conference on ‘‘empowering youth against racism’’ where he lost his bag containing money and cards. The e-mail ends with a request for $2,200 so that he can settle embassy issues, pay his hotel bill and get a ticket back to India. The money was to be sent in the name of an employee of the hotel whose name had been provided.
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