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Phishing scams again

Date: October 26, 2005

Eugene -

It's consumer-beware time again on the Internet.

A Eugene-based credit union is warning members about a phony e-mail making the rounds.

It's a "phishing" expedition for your cash.

The Oregon Community Credit Union has put out the word to its members. Don't send your personal information out on an e-mail or fraudulent web-site. The credit union was notified of the message from an out of state computer user who thought something looked funny, and called the c-u.

The e-mail uses the official credit union logo, claiming to be implimenting security updates, and asks the customer for an account number and password. Eugene Police Detective Doug Jordan explains, "The person fills that out, hits the send or confirm button, and then that information is routed to the bad guy's website. They spoof the legitimate website, a lot of times."

Jordan says the thieves are trying to steal identities, either to withdraw money from the victim's account or to create other accounts in that person's name.

Oregon Community c-u officials say customers should not panic. O-C-C-U Marketing Director, Laura Illig, tells KVAL, "We'll be happy to re-set their user name and re-set their password. We'll also to walk through their account for them and make sure that there's been no fraudulent activity."
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