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Home users: main target of id theft and e-fraud

Date: September 26, 2006

Home PC’s and financial service firms fear greater threat from hackers, reveals the latest Internet Security Threat Report issued by the security-software maker Symantec Corp.(SYMC).

According to the report, as home-computer users are less likely to have security measures in place, they become prime targets for hackers for identity theft, fraud and other financially motivated crimes.

A hacker is a person who creates and modifies computer software and computer hardware, including computer programming, administration, and security-related items to steal confidential information.

Upgraded techniques are being used by attackers which enable them to evade detection and prolong their presence in PC’s. This allows them to pickup useful consumer data like credit card numbers, bank account numbers along with passwords to commit calculated frauds.

Outdated antivirus versions and firewall defenses provide weak links to hackers, thus, permitting them to creep into home PC’s via web browsers and other desktop applications.
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