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Turkish hacker caught by FBI

Date: August 26, 2005

Turkish hacker responsible for Internet banking fraud has been caught in Adana. Atilla Ekinci, 23, is being held responsible for breaking into people’s accounts and doing transactions.

It all started two weeks ago, when Microsoft headquarters in the States started receiving angry complaints from financial companies and media giants such as CNN International, The New York Times and ABC – who were all plagued with a nasty virus.

The FBI was called in for help, who with the help of Microsoft revealed that the virus and the hackers originated from Turkey and Morocco. This piece of information was then passed on to Turkish and Moroccan authorities.

Turkish police forces captured Ekinci in Adana last night, impounding his computer and CD’s. A college graduate, Ekinci has allegedly transferred money from other people’s bank accounts into his.

Ekinci was then brought to Ankara and arrested on charges on “interactive fraud”. Meanwhile, another person was arrested in Rabat, Morocco.

Microsoft has issued a thank you letter to Turkish and Moroccan police forces, for getting hold of the hackers in less then 12 days.

It is believed that Ekinci and his Moroccan counterpart worked together to spread the virus.
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