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Mobile phone virus

Date: June 26, 2007

As days pass, we go through several technological, cultural, political, and oil-related technologies. We move from one century to another while our minds, as Arabs, remain the same without development and continue to imagine what is unbelievable and unreasonable.

Televisions, space channels, computers, and cell phones appeared with all their sophistications and techniques that made information closer to us than anything else. But, thanks to our foolish cleverness, we employed such devices and systems in what serves our surface and simple beliefs. The space channels discuss the topics of jinns, black magic, and dreams. Further, it sparks sectarian conflicts while the Internet is used for gratifying the lusts and discussing futile matters that only waste money and time, as well as the mental energy.

The last example of such futile matters is that of the mobile’s deadly virus, which transmits via cell phones to kill those who answer calls of certain numbers that allegedly carry the virus.
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