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US Congress against spyware

Date: June 26, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Ludmila Goroshko

A bill that outlaws spy software that secretly monitors Web activities is advancing towards a vote by the US House of Representatives

A congressional panel approved an anti-spyware bill on Thursday amid criticism from technology companies, in a move that clears the way for a floor vote by the full House of Representatives.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee voted 45-4 in favour of the Spy Act, which targets software that hides in personal computers and secretly monitors people's activities or displays unwanted advertising. The measure is backed by Representative Mary Bono, a California Republican, and has 28 co-sponsors.

The Spy Act includes 21 pages of dense regulations that specify what software can and can't do and under what circumstances it must seek explicit permission from the user to proceed. It covers activities such as taking control of a computer, modifying browser settings, installing a keystroke logger, and bypassing antivirus software.

The full Commerce committee on Thursday made over two dozen changes to the version of the bill that was approved last week by a subcommittee. Among the changes: Network providers may use monitoring software to guard against network security and fraud; software vendors may choose from certain specific notices when asking for permission; and the anti-spyware regulations do not apply to software located on a server.

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