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A 23-year-old man hacked Russian enterprises

Date: March 26, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Victor Sabadash

Russia: Three Khabarovsk enterprises suffered losses because of the attack of a 23-year-old hacker who resides in the Bychikha village, Khabarovsk region, Russia. The young man has been using the Internet for several months at the expense of others, says the reporter of Information Agency REGNUM.

"I knew nothing about this hacker", says director of Transtour JSC Alexander Kezlya. Some time ago our company concluded an Internet service contract with Khabarovsk communication office. ISP gave passwords to access world wide web. At the end of the month Transtour JSC received a billing of their accesses to the Internet where some suspicious unrecorded entries were fixed. Kezlya notified police that a stranger illegally used their account to get access to the Internet. It took several months for law enforcement to catch the criminal.

According to police officers, he appeared to be a resident of Bychikha village, Khabarovsk region, Russia. Several criminal proceedings under Articles 183 and 165 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation were instigated. Three organizations: Dalavia, 183rd Cartographic Enterprise and Transtour JSC happened to be the victims of his illegal activity. The suspect informed that he had traded passwords for one Martini bottle to a stranger at a pleasure boat in summer.

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