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Police Sergeant Takes On Cyber Crime

Date: February 26, 2008
By: Hicham Raache

With innovations in technology ever increasing in the digital age, combating the cyber dangers that threaten children is a constant effort for Sgt. Adam Holland.

A 13-year veteran of the Fort Smith Police Department and head of the department’s Cyber Investigation Division, Holland has conducted presentations throughout the community for two years, warning parents, educators and guardians of the escalating array of dangers lurking in any digital domain. These warnings are coupled with tips and information authority figures can use to enhance a child’s online safety.

Holland had planned to share the latest information and precautions on cyber dangers with the local residents in the Police Department’s community room this past Thursday evening and Saturday. But no one showed up either night. Holland said he was undaunted by the lack of turnout and stressed the urgency of parents learning the precautions they can take to protect their children from an ever-evolving menace.

“Technology is moving forward so fast, if we prop our feet up we’re going to lose sight of it,” Holland said. “People are going to be surprised by the new methods used to target kids now.”

To protect kids from online peril, Holland speaks at schools, churches and community events. A consistent theme in Holland’s presentations concerns methods by which parents and teachers can inhibit a child’s online activity at home and in the classroom. Wireless gadgetry, however, enables kids to explore an online pocket universe while not encumbered by adult supervision.
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