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Pharming scam

Date: February 26, 2007

A global financial scam ring attacked more than 65 financial institutions and e-commerce corporations worldwide and stole personal information from these companies using a new hacking technology called “pharming.”

Internet security experts and financial circles at home and abroad said yesterday that the hacking first took place in Australia on February 19 and rapidly spread throughout the world, using an average of over 1,000 internet users daily to access sites and steal internet banking IDs and passwords. The U.S. security company “Websense” revealed the above matter on February 22 and those fake sites have been shut down.

The list of the companies, which fell victim to the hackers’ attacks, include world famous global corporations such as a British bank Barclays, a Scottish bank, the American Express Card, Discover Card, the world’s largest auction site eBay, and the global remittance site PayPal.
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