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Hackers infiltrate websites

Date: February 26, 2007

For the second time in a week, the Delaware County government Web site was infiltrated by a hacker Saturday, causing visitors to the site to see a map of Turkey emblazoned with a bloody sword surrounded by words.

The normal operations of the Web site, including the public access to property and court information, were rendered useless as the front page featured images and clusters of Arabic, Hindi and Gujarati words that had no translation.

"We will correct it as soon as possible," Delaware County Councilman Michael Puppio said. "Unfortunately, in this age of technology, these things sometimes happen. We’ll have to find out how and what it says."

By mid-afternoon, Delaware County Executive Director Marianne Grace said county technicians were attempting to bring the Web site down so they could repair it.

By 1:30 p.m., visitors were unable to access the site at all.
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