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Discussion : Hacker gets 9-year term in Lowe's case

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2006-01-19 18:40:00 - A nony moose
Typical American justice. like little kids I win you lose
nyah nyah nyah except they *uck up someones life, real nice

2005-01-22 23:47:53 - TerranceAndPhillip
It's not even a real country anyway :-)
Sorry had to say that. Actually it's a great place, much better than the US

2005-01-19 22:17:53 -
American legal system is *ucked MOVE TO CANADA

2005-01-06 16:17:08 - Norton Burge
That is one dirty little badger. Let him out of jail. Vote Bush

2005-01-06 14:16:27 -
9 years for this is too much ...

For attempted murder you are convict to 9 years

2005-01-06 01:29:01 - William
If you commit (or attempt) a crime you should go to jail.

Just because the criminals failed to achieve their goal does not mean that no crime was committed, the intent was clear.

If someone tries to shoot you and misses they are charged with attempted murder, the police do not say that since no one was harmed everyone can go home.

2005-01-05 17:02:42 - Courntey
He is a crazy man that deserves to go to jail and rot in a place that i can not disclose at this time.

2004-12-30 09:29:21 -
Clearly the legal system is clueless about making the punishment fit the crime. Look at the Mitnik case and compare it to this one. How is is possible, just from applying common sense, that THIS punishment could exceed the Mitnik?
I think the presiding judge should take in course in Wireless technologies. Once the judge can appreciate the inherent flaws of the system, I would think that he would reconsider his sentencing. I hope they do better on appeals.

2004-12-27 16:26:25 -
my personal opinion is this is the biggest example of in-justice in the american criminal justice system.

if you read the entire story, the convicted did not even GET any of the alleged credit card numbers that he was trying to steal, he did not use any of the numbers or jack anyones credit because he never got to that part of the hack.

if the FBI would have been smart they would have let him actually pull some credit card numbers first, then get him.... but as it stands there is (in my opinion) NOTHING that justifies a 9 year sentence in this arrest!

a failed attempt at stealing credit cards on an unprotected wireless network is no different than someone going into lowes (or wherever) and stealing the cash out of the drawers because the doors were left unlocked... in this same scenario, if the man stealing the cash got busted at the door, then there is zero loss to the comany, which warrants a lighter sentence.

I think this sets a BAD precedence for crimes like this. Although I do not condone this activity, I also do not condone oversentencing and injustice.

my thoughts.

Total 9 comments
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