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Bank security vs phishing

Date: July 25, 2006
Source: KnoxNews
By: Roger HARRIS

First Tennessee Bank has enhanced the security of its online banking system to better protect customer's financial information and deter identity thieves.

"We constantly are trying to find ways to improve security. These phishing e-mails are just not going away," said Jennifer Holder, vice president and marketing manager for First Tennessee-Knoxville.

Phishing is when identify thieves send e-mails asking consumers to divulge personal financial information. Identify thieves often create bogus but authentic-looking Web sites to trick consumers into such information.

First Tennessee's new online banking security system includes a two-step log-on process.

The first step is a random security question taken from customer information the bank has on file - the customer's birth date, the last four digits of his or her Social Security number or other information. The security question changes each time a customer logs on to the bank's online banking system.

After the bank customer types in the correct answer to the security question, a "TrustWord" previously chosen by the customer will appear on the computer screen.

If the correct "TrustWord" appears, the customer then enters a password to access his or her online bank account.
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