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Internet fraud victims

Date: June 25, 2007

Otherwise smart people are still being duped into spending big money to collect imaginary lottery winnings in Internet scams.

Since the Express reported last Christmas on a money scam originating in Australia and conning dozens of locals, three more embarrassed people have come forward to report being robbed.

The victims were using the Internet when they received pop-up advertisements inviting them to play lottery.

The victims said they played and days later received an e-mail informing them they had won.

The money, they were told, would be delivered after they paid lottery taxes and legal fees.

The three spent more than 4,000 pounds sterling and never received a dollar of their "winnings".

Most people ignore the spam e-mails, which often originate in Nigeria, Holland, and recently Russia and Italy.

The sender tells a version of an old con-a dead millionaire leaving behind an unclaimed fortune in a bank with no heirs, and your help being needed to claim it, or to transfer the funds.

People who believe it are sucked into a web of lies.

Fraud Squad officers have also warned of a new scam where Internet users are invited to help promote a product online and then paid with a cheque that you can cash only after a 20 per cent deduction is sent to the "employer".
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