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Discussion : US Army Space and Missile Defense Command Hacked

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2009-01-29 08:58:15 -
Goerge bush is just a scared ran out coz he knows Ben Ladin will beat him up

2004-09-27 22:34:34 - ShadowKnight
This goes to show that Bush has so much time to start war with other countries that he doesn't realise that in this world, not only he has power.....

2004-07-13 12:00:49 -
Well lets see... the NSA security is quite amusing actually. 5 types of Defense against the main databank. Bloody hard to hack >.

2004-05-27 15:05:06 - VoidZero
Theres an NSA backdoor built into microsoft products, it's called Windows Explorer :P

2004-05-27 15:02:51 - VoidZero
You are in this race to get this fixed. Fixes for windows used to be weeks or months, it's now down to hours and days! "It's an arms race."

Microsoft dosnt care about the security of there product just the money involved.

Can microsoft tell me why Windows XP ships with Raw Socks and UnP.

Things like port 445, 135, 139 and 5000 wide open to anyone who knows how to take control of the services.

Thats just Stupidity and they deserve to be hacked for releasing something so insecure!

2004-05-27 14:57:33 -
Windows Secure, dont make me laugh..

2004-05-27 08:07:18 - SpeKtrA
I Would Imagine so.. but still if they are stupid enough to have windows on these then the guy that installed it should be slapped.... with a salmon

2004-05-26 17:30:01 -
what kind of OS was on the machines ?
UNIX like ?

Total 8 comments
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