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Internet as an instrument of cyber crime

Date: March 25, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Dmitri Kramarenko

Experts of The Association of Russian Banks think that uniqueness of the Internet is that it is not a system owned by one individual, company, state authority or country. Actually none of its segments is regulated, censored or contently controlled. This state of affairs gives almost unlimited opportunities for access to information of all kinds, more and more used in criminal activity. As a result, in many cases the Internet can be considered to be an instrument of computer crimes and also environment of various illegal activities. Criminals are attracted first of all by possibility of unlimited criminal information exchange. Only superstates as the USA and Russia were able to use telecommunication systems that provide such operative and secure communication all over the world.

Another attractive feature of the Internet is related to capability of psychological influence of information on people. Criminal community is very interested in distribution of their antisocial teaching and doctrine, forming social opinion favourable to strengthening their position in society or in discrediting of law enforcement.

The paradox of computer crimes is that victims are not willing to catch criminals, and criminals, if caught, would give wide publicity to their hacking skills and would not conceal anything from law enforcement. Psychology easily explains this paradox. Firstly, victim of computer crime is absolutely sure that expenses of revealing (including damage due to loss of reputation) are substantially higher than already caused damage. Secondly, criminal even if got the maximum term of prison (it is not so long, and it may be suspended or reduced) would be widely known among businessmen and criminals. This would add to his future career.

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