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Some trends of computer crime in Russia

Date: March 25, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Timofey Saytarly

Experts of The Association of Russian Banks consider banking to be the most attractive sector of Russian economy for criminals. Analysis of the latest crimes with use of computer technologies committed in this sphere and numerous interrogations of banks' employees allow to mark out the most typical ways of committing crimes against banks and other financial institutions.

Firstly, crimes committed by means of unauthorized access to data bases of banks through computer networks become more spread. Last year, law enforcement revealed 15 similar crimes, and found out 6,3 billion of Russian rubles ($210 million) of illegal transfers during investigation of them.

Secondly, all crimes revealed were committed by groups of criminals. In fact, there are some cases when organized criminal groups hired tens of hackers. They worked in the separate guarded and up-to-date equipped offices on big money thefts by means of illegal penetration into computer networks of large banks.

Thirdly, most of computer crimes in banking are committed with direct participation of bank's employees. Researches that engaged bank personnel show that these crimes make up about 70% of all computer crimes in banking. For example, in 1998 law enforcement officers prevented theft of 2 billion of Russian rubles (about $70 million) from the branch of a large commercial banks. Criminals made fictitious payment by means of remote access to the computer of the bank by modem, using password and identity data given by the accomplices from the bank personnel. Then stolen money was sent to a neighbour bank where criminals tried to withdraw it with forged payment order.

Fourthly, more and more computer crimes are committed using the opportunities of the Internet.

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