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Computer crime cops unveil $1m web scam

Date: February 25, 2008

POLICE have uncovered a $1 million internet scam with links to Nigeria during a raid at a home in Perth's southern suburbs.

Western Australia Police Computer Crime Squad detectives arrested a Nigerian citizen after raiding the house in Treasure Road, Queens Park about 7pm (WDT) yesterday.

Police allege the 29-year-old is involved in an international syndicate, and pretending to be a foreign diplomat to convince his victims of his credentials and defraud them of significant amounts of money.

The raid was part of Operation Dunkley, which was formed after continual cases of West Australians being deceived by African fraudsters were recorded by the Computer Crime Squad.

Police said the offender's victims were recruited online with various fraudulent stories of windfalls and inheritance.

The man is believed to have arrived in Australia last September and it is alleged he had links to a syndicate in Nigeria.

Police said about $1 million from unsuspecting victims in Australia and overseas may have passed through the Perth scam before it was shut down yesterday, but they do not yet know how long it may have operated from the house.

The man was charged with 27 offences of fraud and four counts of money laundering.
Investigations into his involvement in similar offences are continuing.

He was due to appear Perth Magistrate's Court today.

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