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The government initiative that aims to keep PCs safe

Date: February 25, 2005
By: Daniel Thomas

In the week the UK topped the G7 league of broadband availability, the government has announced vital steps to curb the growth in security threats associated with always-on connectivity.

The Home Office launch of ITsafe, a major IT security initiative aimed at protecting small businesses and home users against hackers and viruses, has two main goals.

First, it wants to restore consumer and small business trust in ecommerce, which has been dented by horror stories about phishing and other forms of online identity theft.

Second, it is striving to protect internet-reliant parts of the critical national infrastructure (CNI), such as government web sites, banks and transportation, from electronic attacks and hacking by criminals and terrorists.

By offering basic, easy-to-understand advice about the importance of personal firewalls, anti-virus and patch management, as well as instant email and text message alerts warning of major security risks, the government believes it will be able to cut cybercrime...

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