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Cyber-terrorism and Warfare Training Program

Date: January 25, 2008
Source: Computer Crime Research Center

CIA discloses cyber attacks caused multiple power outages On Wednesday January 16th, the CIA disclosed to 300 US and foreign government officials, engineers and security managers from the critical infrastructure sectors (gas, oil and electricity asset owners) that the CIA has information from multiple regions outside the United States of cyber intrusions into utilities followed by extortion demands. On the heals of this announcement, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) yesterday (January 17th) approved a final set of security standards designed to protect the US electric grid against a cyber attack.

The eight security standards include: * Critical cyber asset identification * Security management controls * Personnel and training * Electronic security perimeters * Physical security of critical cyber assets * System security management * Incident reporting and response planning * Recovery plans for critical cyber assets The new standards include the training to increase security and defenses against cyber attacks. Spy-Ops in cooperation with the Technolytics Institute announced plans to accelerate the use and distribution of their 14 module cyber warfare training program within the critical infrastructure community.

Chad Carter stated “The new program is complemented by the counter-terrorism training program that Spy-Ops introduced last fall.” Spy-Ops has distributed over 650,000 training briefs worldwide covering all aspects of unrestricted warfare, security and cyber weapons. Kevin Coleman, a Senior Fellow at the Technlytics Institute and former Chief Strategist at Netscape said “The threat of a cyber attacks has increase substantially over the last 18 month and few companies are prepared.” He also said “The sophistication of cyber weapons has increased and now more than 120 countries have active cyber weapons development programs.”

FACT: Over 80% of the US critical infrastructure is not owned by the government but by private sector companies. FACT: The United States leads the world in the use of computers and networking. This distinction paints a giant target on our critical infrastructure. FACT: Hackers have successfully penetrated and extorted multiple utility companies that use SCADA systems in the last 24 months.

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