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Biggest threat to internet security unveiled

Date: November 24, 2005
Source: eMediaWire

(PRWEB) November 23, 2005 -- Computer fraud is becoming more common every year, making it difficult for users to have increased Internet security. With each passing year there comes hundreds of new ways to be defrauded out of your money. In 2004 alone over 75,000 people lost an average of $400 due to Web-based fraud and scams. In 2005 it is foreseeable that over 125,000 individuals will have gotten defrauded. These scams come in all shapes and sizes.

This latest scam is looking to be the biggest ever to threaten Internet security. The popularity of this new scam is most likely due to its focus on 3 of society’s biggest desires during the holiday season. During the holidays we all want to earn more money, give gifts to loved ones, and protect our friends and family from the myriad of scams that abound during this time of year. This scam actually provides a very unique gift opportunity as well as protection from computer fraud although the Internet security it provides is more comical than secure. The potential earnings through this scam are available but they will be primarily realized by the scam’s originators.

The earning potential as a participant in this scam is easily figured. In 2004 the victims of computer fraud incurred a loss on average of approximately $400. Since this scam is only $25 and provides protection from all future scams you may come across it saves/earns you an average of $375. Not to mention all of the future attempts to defraud you that are thwarted by your participation in this scam, you save the entire $400. So as Internet scams escalate during the holiday season, your potential earnings from this scam grow. Considering that the $400 figure is just the average amount a victim is scammed out of, you stand to save even more since you are by no means average.

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