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Discussion : Growth of radicalism within Open Source - SCO under attack again

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2005-04-21 00:59:23 -
It's realy amazing how a select few people come up with inventions to destroy everyday common mans hopes and dreams?

2004-11-26 18:20:12 -
I am much more worried about the growing radicalism among the boards of big companies and their PR department.

2004-11-25 11:43:23 -
Whahaha, Radicalism within Open Source. Is it April 1st already?

The most hilarious "news" I have heard in a long time...

Thanks for making my day.

2004-11-25 03:46:21 -
..ok, the good folks here at and at might wanna learn more about how to avoid further such embarrassment in the future. ;-)

..we "keep an eye" on the The SCO Group pump-n-dumpers over at: and we have seen these "attacks" before, this time, I wonder, did TSCOG remember to "attack" their _neighboring_ boxes? ;-)

2004-11-25 02:27:06 -
Fascinating. Totally fascinating.

At first I thought I was reading a press release by the Alexis de Tocqueville Institute ( It still looks like it was written by one of their staffers.

A closer look though shows differences in the style of writing.

I wonder who paid for this?


2004-11-25 01:17:20 -
It's easy, once again Sco is making claims with out proof. of course they are not suing anybody at this point but it won't be long until they find somebody they can sue for it. and will.

Sco has about as much crediblity as a pissed off first grader.

2004-11-25 00:18:37 -
This has to be a come-on, right? The other posters here have fallen for it, I notice, but you cannot fool me - the whole thing is clearly a parody. Let me count the ways...

The vagueness of the opening paragraph should have been the first clue - not a single fact in sight, just references to "characteristic patterns" and "related sites".

Then the resort to the old favorite, "reliable sources from within...". Hopelessly transparent.

Then the lack of any link between the non-facts and a slur on the Open Source movement in the following paragraph. Too obvious. But to top it off by linking together "anti-globalisation protestors, Islamist radicals, animal-rights campaigners and ... the Open Source community" is just too rich.

If this isn't deliberate comedy, you could be in severe danger of turning yourselves into a laughing-stock.

2004-11-24 23:37:48 - Jim
Yes, what are the "Reliable sources"? Microsoft?

2004-11-24 23:20:21 -
Moreover, stating that The SCO Group owns the UNIX copyrights without proof is out-right false and shows blatant disregard for the actual facts in the lawsuits. Why do you think TSG sued Novell? Their (TSG) claimed ownership of the UNIX copyrights is in question. Since there is a dispute of ownership, and until the ownership is established in TSG's favor, it stands to reason that no infringement has occured. Besides, TSG is suing IBM for contract violation; not copyright. My advice, report on verifiable facts, not hearsay.

2004-11-24 23:05:18 -
Just like the original DDoS attack was orchestrated by worm-writers apparently from East Europe, this purported attack probably comes from a similar band-wagon jumping script kiddy.

Saying that all Open Sourcers are inclined to DDoS the websites of companies they don't like is about as sensible as saying that all American Soldiers are blood-thirsty cold-blooded killers of wounded arabs. I don't believe that for one moment.

SCO can hardly be considered a paragon of virtue - they are the inventors of the illegal Linux IP Protection Racket - a license against being sued for non-existent SCO IP in Linux.

How any journalist can take them seriously considering their proven track-record of making provably incorrect press announcements. Stock up on that salt!


2004-11-24 22:58:18 -
I occasionally go to the SCO website and have had no problems with it lately. Perhaps what you'd like to call a DDoS attack is merely network congestion or some type of slashdot effect. Your lack of anything such as facts to back up your statement shows poor investigative and journalistic skills. And finally, you don't seem to be held in too high regard by others in the internet community:

In short, this seems to be more of your attempts to show Open Source software and it's users in a bad light. Until you can back up your claims with something more factual, you're doomed to be ignored by the rest of the world.

2004-11-24 21:33:13 -
The whole article lacks any arguments for why erratic online-ness of SCO domains means there's a "Growth of radicalism within Open Source". That is either bad journalism, or trying to put Open Source in a bad light.

Besides, the whole SCO issue is kind of over anyway. Nothing new, no news, and SCO shares going down steadily. There is no reason for a DDoS attack right now for anyone liking Open Source, in fact, it only gives publicity to SCO.

2004-11-24 18:03:43 -
Claiming to have "Reliable sources in the Open Source community" without providing specifics, or hiding behind journalistic confidentiality will not stop anyone from quickly concluding that your linkage of SCO's website problem to "radical elements" is nothing but a complete fabrication.

Shame on you!

Total 13 comments
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