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IT professionals will join FBI to tackle cybercrime

Date: October 24, 2006

Amid the autumnal tourist traffic and relaxed café culture of the Cote d'Azur a meeting will take place this week aimed at tackling one of the biggest criminal activities threatening worldwide business.

Business and IT professionals will join forces with special investigators from a number of countries for a behind-closed-doors meeting in Nice on the growth of internet crime.

A senior special agent from the FBI's cyber-forensics unit is flying in to offer his hands-on expertise as they bid to stay one step ahead of so-called cybercrime which is costing international business $40bn a year.

FBI supervisory agent Mike Eubanks' know-how is being harnessed to tackle an escalating problem.

He will be joined at the conference by Eric Freyssinet, cybercrime projects co-ordinator of the Gendamerie Nationale, and David Aucsmith, senior director at software giant Microsoft's Institute for Advanced Technology in Governments.
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