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Hacker successfully attacks 10000 websites

Date: June 24, 2007

Attackers armed with an exploit tool kit have launched massive attacks in Europe from a network of at least 10,000 hacked Web sites, with infections spreading worldwide, several security companies warned today.

As early as last Friday, analysts reported the opening salvos of a large-scale attack based on the multiexploit hacker kit dubbed "Mpack." The mechanics of the attacks are complex, but essentially attackers taint each compromised site with code that then redirects visitors to a server hosting the Mpack kit -- a professional, Russian-made collection of exploits that comes complete with a management console to detail which exploits are working and against what countries' domains.

Infected computers are fed a diet of malicious code, largely keyloggers that spy out usernames and passwords for valuable accounts such as online banking sites.
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