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EU takes measures against cybercrime

Date: May 24, 2007
By: Paul Meller

Russia's coordinated attacks against Estonia's computer systems earlier this month were cited as one of the many reasons why the European Union countries should work more closely to fight cybercrime, European Commissioner for Justice and Home Affairs Franco Frattini said Tuesday.

Similarly, the existence of two known criminal gangs operating in the E.U. and believed to have yielded profits in excess of US$100 million each from Internet fraud is another reason the European Commission -- the E.U.'s executive body -- has decided to take action, the commissioner said in a press conference.

Estonia was temporarily crippled by the Russian attack, which is believed to have been in response to the removal of a Soviet war memorial from the center of the Estonian capital, Tallinn. Estonian officials said the attacks on the country's government Web sites were traced to Russian government servers.
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