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Police flooded with calls about child porn

Date: February 24, 2005

VANCOUVER – Vancouver police say they are getting lots of tips, after raising the alarm about a potential pedophile who has been dropping off hundreds of letters and drawings on the city's Westside since 1992.

Police went public on Tuesday about the letters, which express the writer's desire to sexually molest young boys and girls.

Det. Noreen Waters says her phone hasn't stopped ringing.

"Since I came in this morning at about 6 a.m., my phone has not stopped ringing. The tips are really flooding in," says Det. Noreen Waters.

Despite the overwhelming response, Waters says investigators are still no closer to arresting a suspect.

"There's no shortlist of suspects. Honestly, we have no idea who the actual offender is," she says.

"What's amazed me is that we actually have never had anyone call in and say, 'I've seen somebody dropping these letters.'"

Someone did call police after finding three more letters early Wednesday morning at a bus stop at 41st Avenue and Main.

Waters say police are now involved in geographical profiling, trying to pinpoint where the suspect lives.

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