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No end for Internet scams

Date: December 23, 2007

Ah, for the good old days when scams were simpler and easier to recognize - a money drop here, an out-of-town asphalt truck there... Then the Internet comes along, and flim-flams pile up in the In Box daily. Just this week, we had two Heber Springs residents come in with evidence of scams that targeted them directly. Every day, thousands of Cleburne County residents are being targeted. Not a week goes by that one of our readers doesn’t call or drop by to warn of the latest fraudulent attempt to skim off some of their hard-earned money.

Unfortunately, we rarely hear from the actual victims - those who took the bait and lost hundreds or thousands of dollars. A bitter, embarrassing pill...

One of the most prevalent scams involve a a buyer who sends you some kind of travelers check or such for an amount in excess of the purchase price. The buyer requests that you go to the bank and cash it immediately, and send him the balance of the overage, which he plans to use to pay shipping or storage or some other invented cost. Many people have fallen for this scam, because they are trusting - and perhaps a little too naive.
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