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Hacking scam

Date: November 23, 2007

Three Bahrainis have been arrested for getting involved in an international telephone billing and bankcards hacking scheme.

A hacker lured one of them through a chat room after he proved to him that he could pay for his telephone bill with half the amount, which he could also return to him.

"The hacker promised him that his money will be returned back to him safely after bill was paid," a Public Prosecution spokesman said yesterday.

"The defendant did not believe him at first, but later decided to give it a try and sent him the money and his telephone number.

"A few days later, the hacker told him to check if his bill was paid and the defendant found out that it really was. His money was also returned to him.

"The hacker performed the same scheme for the defendant a few times until he decided to inform his friend about it."

He told his friend that he would introduce him to someone who could help him pay his telephone bills, said the spokesman.

"He introduced his friend to the hacker and had him pay his telephone bills as well using the same scheme several times," he said.
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